Montreal Canadiens Rookie Camp 2019

Montreal Canadiens Rookie Camp 2019

I would like to give you some insight to the Montreal Canadiens Rookie Camp 2019, some players you thought maybe there aren’t and I will explain why, who I expect to shine at rookie camp. Joel Bouchard the Laval Rocket head coach and his staff are expected to be in charge of running the rookie camp. The reason being most of the players attending will be playing for Laval this coming season or at least starting the season there, this will give him a chance to see what he will have to work with this coming season, and also give these players a chance to see how he coaches and what he expects of you.

Free rookie game

Canadiens fans will have the opportunity to see some of the Club’s top prospects in a game against a U-Sports team, composed of players from three Quebec universities; Concordia, Trois-Rivières and McGill. This match up will be presented at the Bell Sports Complex in Brossard on Tuesday, September 10, at 1 p.m. The stands will be opened to the public for this event. 

Here is a list of players who won’t be attending the Montreal Canadiens Rookie Camp

Joël Teasdale due to injury/ See my article on this at

Cole Caufield due to playing in the NCAA he isn’t allowed to attend rookie camp

Micheal McNiven due to Primeau and Shank on a PTO to see what they can do they play 2 games against other NHL teams rookies and one game against a university team.

There are other players who did play for the Laval Rockets not attending the rookie camp as they have done so in the past and thee team management has a very good ideal of what they can and can’t do, Its best to see what the younger players can do and they have 8 players on PTO (invites) to see what they can do and if it is worth signing them, they can be signed to an AHL contract as the Canadiens are in tight on number of NHL contracts they have presently 48 out of 50 used and the team always likes to have a few free in case they make a trade where they get back more players then they traded away.

Goalers at rookie camp

This year unlike other years they are only going to have two goalers at rookie camp but neither of them played professional hockey before 

Cayden Primeau he played NCAA thus he couldn’t attend last year as applies to Cole Caufield this season. if I expect Primeau to be playing in Laval this season

Alexis Shank who played QMJL is on a PTO (Invited)If Shank plays well I believe they will offer him a Laval contract and assign him to an ECHL team for further development

I would think each will play a full game against the NHL rookie teams and share the game against the university team.

Forwards I expect to excel

Ryan Poehling after the one game he played last season (last game of the regular season) I expect him to have a great rookie camp and he also was the best player at the teams Development camp in early July. Depending on his play at the Rookie camp and at the Canadiens main cam he may make the team it also will depend on the play f other players as the only forward who can be sent to Laval without going on waivers is Kotkaniemi. 

Nick Suzuki, who had an excellent year in Jr expect in the Jr world championship where many other players looked better then him. But it is a learning experience. I feel it would be better to start him in Laval and get used to playing against older stronger players. I also believe the Canadiens want him to play center, and a center takes longer to develop then a wing as you have to do more in your own end of the ice.

Jake Evans he played the entire last season in Laval starting on the fourth line and with hard work and coaching he landed up on the teams first line. I see him being sent back to Laval but being one of the first call ups if the injury bug hits. I see him long terms as a third or fourth line NHL center.

Defence I expect to excel

Cale Flurry he played last season at Lava; and improved but I feel one more year at Laval will help him.His biggest obstacle is that he is a right handed defence-man and thats where the Canadiens have an abundance of right now, unless one is traded for a left defence-man. Only time will tell if that is done. If a right defence is traded I don’t beleive it will be Flurry I feel the other NHL teams would want Juulesen as he is older and has NHL experience.

Josh Brook last season he played Jr hockey. This will be his first season playing professional but there is supposed to be a lot of upsize on him. He also is a right defence-man but he needs one or two years at Laval.I don’t see him being called up this season as playing limited minutes with the Canadiens by playing more minutes in Laval will speed up his development.

Will any management be present

I am sure that General Manger Marc Bergevin will be present, the entire player devlopment team ost likely as well Canadiens head coach Claude Julien also will be watching so he has an ideal of what is in the teams pipeline and most of these players will be invited to the Canadiens main camp.

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